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Just love me for being me..

"My legs are short,  Please slow down, so I can keep up with you.

Don't slap my hand when I touch something bright and pretty. I don't understand.
Please, look at me, when I talk to you. It' lets me know you are really listening.
My feeling are tender, don't nag me all day. Let me make mistake without feeling stupid.
Don't expect the bed, make or the picture, draw to be perfect Just love me for trying.
Remember I am child not small adult. Sometimes I don't understand what you are saying.
I love you so much Please love me just for being me - not just for the thing I can do"

Chenta Hati Ibu..

"Kasihku Kasih tiada banding setia tiada tara
Bagaimanapun jua
Aku pelindung dirimu sayang
Walaupun tak akan tercapai jejarimu
~ Awan Nano, Hafiz AF7~